Nordic Knots Flagship

Birger Jarlsgatan

Stockholm, Sweden

The studio’s reimagining of Nordic Knots’ Stockholm atelier and showroom presents a confluence of Swedish design history and Scandinavian refinement, a minimal-intervention restoration of an early twentieth century cinematheque tempered with a modern expression befitting the flagship’s Design District site—a contemporary space responsive to the ghosts of the past.


The earthen palette is mined from the space’s historical structure: in the grand lobby, rich green marble walls and dappled terrazzo flooring are balanced by a Modernist zinc coffee bar, calling back to the region’s traditional pewter industry. Layers of walnut and oak display a deep reverence for the traditional furnishing of mid-century, lending the warmth of home. Interior chambers are scaled intimately, the ideal backdrop which to absorb the company’s selection.

Nordic Knots Flagship